Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post-Apocalyptic Technology: £270 Trike handmade in 48 hours

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Previously I've posted a handmade, dumpster parts diesel motorcycle that's won many awards here. Now I have found another handmade rat bike, and have to admit it is my all time favorite example of post apocalyptic technology.

Here are quotes from Brit Chopper that form the basis of my admiration:

The entire bike was built in my front garden on a sloping driveway. I made a point of using basic hand tools ( apart from the welder ) just to show it can be done. I didn't plan any of it, just made it up as I went along. The 2CV engine cost less than £100, and the rest cost less than £70.

Time taken to get from a pile of bits to MOT( no MSVA ) ready trike: 46 and a half hours.

The frame was built from scratch by me, in thick ERW tubing. The exhaust guards are made from 10mm mild steel bar, which I bent into shape around a tree.

It's a bit of a wheelie-monster in first, being so short and light, but handles really well with no wobbles or shaking in the steering and despite only having 35 odd BHP it flies along.
[See whole magazine article here]

I should stress this trike builder is famous for extremely polished and beautiful handmade machines that have won many awards. The trike I'm featuring here is a personal project the guy did for himself, and not representative of his custom orders such as this.

Why do I like this trike so much? Here are the reasons:

  1. A trike can drive in the snow. To me transportation that cannot go in snow, ice and rain is not really transportation.
  2. The quickness of the project being completed. If people are building needed items, they do not have the luxury of a year long project. Remember, my criteria is post-apocalyptic adaptation.
  3. The parts are ubiquitous, cheap and the work was done without expensive manufacturing machinery.
  4. Previously my favorite tough snow capable motorcycle has been the Ural Patrol. But they are over $10,000 and the engines are still not as bullet proof and easy running as European and Japanese motors. If I had a choice between a new Ural, or a handmade rat trike like this Exmoor, I'd certainly choose the Exmoor.
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The Serpent Lord said...

Plus it looks totally sweet. It has the light, balanced, organic look of something that has evolved an optimized form from minimal components, like a bird or insect.j