Thursday, September 18, 2008

Republican scum kill the free market

Reference article for this blog post: McCain’s Radical Agenda
  1. Good: Republicans are for a free market ( this does NOT have to mean pro-corporations, it DOES have to mean the market will kill off bad ideas, bad people, and bad products, and it DOES have to mean if a product is successfully being sold or method of trade is occurring, including barter or living solely on goats milk -is legit by its simply existing. )

  2. Bad: The REPUBLICAN government is bailing out failed financial services giants.

  1. Good: Republicans are for personal responsibility, innovation and initiative as the means of bettering one's living standard, and not the role of HIGH TAXES paying for bums, idiots, and worse to have things they don't deserve. Key here is the GOP almost always run on a LESS TAXES mantra.

  2. Bad: The McCain-Palin Health Plan is to do an entirely new tax in the form of TAXING HEALTH BENEFITS AS IF IT IS INCOME, with the intention of poisoning the current employer-based health insurance scheme with negative social engineering.

The negative social engineering, combined with higher taxes, would make the McCain-Palin Health Plan a double crime from a purist free market perspective.

Its worth noting that Obama is the only voice of free market principles since these bailouts started happening. He is saying, too nicely for my taste, that these bailouts are the wrong signal to the economic system. He puts it in moralistic language sympathetic for the middle-class, which I think obscures the absolutely right stance he is taking. In a free market, one can make billions, or one can lose all of one's billions -the socialistic crime is government preventing either one.

The Republicans circa 2000-present are the worst failures in American history. Security from terrorism -failed; War- failed; Economy -failed. We'd do better electing a crack whore with a history of recurring head lice. At least we could run the country while she was passed out.

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The Serpent Lord said...

The 1973 HMO Act in the US was promoted as an alternative to "socialized medicine" in the US, but by regulating HMOs and forcing certain employers to provide insurance, the HMO Act intervened severely in two markets: the job market and the health care market. In other words, the HMO Act embraced the worst possible aspects of socialized medicine without providing any of the benefits.

The McCain-Palin plan sounds like an even more radical version of the same plan. Take money out of the already over-regulated health care system - especially the most competitive health care plans - and spend it all on tax credits that encourage the health care industry to find some way to charge thousands of dollars of annual fees beyond services covered by health insurance.

Here's a simple alternative: repeal the HMO Act and limit regulation of the health care industry to issues of safety and ethics rather than social engineering. Local and national socialized coverage programs can expand or contract as long as lawmakers don't directly intervene in the private sector of the health insurance market.