Friday, April 25, 2008

Post-Apocalyptic Technology:Transportation

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While its easy for many to concoct imagery of a post-apocalypse world, few are creating actual industrial objects that would be at home in that world of Mad-Maxian ruin.
Pictured here is Haydn Franklin and his motorbike. The frame is made of old water-pipes, fashioned with the aid of a pipe bender. The motor is a 1 liter diesel, formerly the stock motor of a Daihatsu Charade. Most of the parts for this bike came from the dumpster. Haydn claims it can do 100 mph, and gets 85 miles per gallon. It has won 20 trophies, including Best in Show at the Rat and Survival 2007.

This diesel motorbike is an emblematic specimen of possibilities after the fall -after the fall of nation-states, or industrialization as we know it, or corporations, or whatever. Imagine a land of hand crafted post-dumpster machinery, riders bringing back spoils from a raid on pacifist farmer cultures in the delta. Living in houses converted from old huge metal structures such as battleships, oil storage tanks, and  rail cars (just as done in Russia in 1990's). 

Hopefully amongst all that metal-ness we can keep the core luxury of contemporary life up and running: mesh-networked computers using no moving parts, a solid-state hard drive, and Linux operating system.  More ambitious and certainly worth the trouble would be keeping the Google Proj2 in The Dalles Oregon operational. Just as the Vatican and the Forbidden City kept humans higher than animals in an earlier age, the Google connectionist brain living on that server farm provides us with higher parameters for living than we would otherwise have . After a collapse of Google services, I cannot imagine what primitive depravity humans would reduce to.

A friend responded that he loves the diesel motorbike, but also would want an Earthship in the post-apocalypse.


BFGalbraith said...

This purely process comment here Lance:

You have been getting a lot better at expressing your ideas in the "layman's terms." You have always warned that your ideas are offensive and scary to the lefties, even though you yourself are extremely not-right-wing.

Now that you are using simple language to describe your concepts, I am indeed giggling in disgusted delight.

The Serpent Lord said...

Raiding pacifist farmers is a victimless crime, like punching somebody in the dark.

In fact that's my plan: aerial raids by night with my hydrogen-filled airship, mutilating cattle and taking only the tastiest cuts of concentrated nutrient-rich animal protein. Then I go on safari hunting elephants and jaguars which have been introduced by treehuggers trying to restore north america's megafauna.

Also in the post-apocalyptic world watch out for:

Sectarian violence between mexico metaleros and emos spreading into the US and Canada.

Asian-american survivalist rice hoarders.

Coal-electric hybrid cars.

Amish expansionists.

LanceMiller said...

"Amish expansionists."
Not on my watch, buddy.

Ryan Hawkes said...

i agree with bfg there. your laymen's articles are keeping my attention and making me laugh.