Monday, September 29, 2008

Unqualified is the Qualified in Postmodernism

A little backstory: I'm from Arkansas. Live in Seattle. Will vote for Obama. Do not like George Bush as President. I am liberal by most right winger perspectives. What I say in this blog posting is analysis, not my preferences. And the analysis is aided by my extensive experience in the backwaters of the Southeast, combined with undergrad and graduate studies in postmodernism in uberleftist schools in the Northwest.

The Left and (good) established media are getting it wrong on Sarah Palin. She is qualified because she is a hockey mom. Her answers in interviews that have sent pundits into a tailspin of derision are the articulations of your standard hockey mom, or a mom that owns a successful diner in Memphis Tennessee, or a mom that is in a bureaucratic position at the local police station. I'm met 100's of those types of women, kin to a few, and can tell you for sure that all they need to know is the leader of Iran hates Israel and the next thing out of their mouth is "then we need to kill that man".

America will vote for a woman like that.

Postmodernism has taught the legitimacy of the less than aristocratic, the less than educated, the less than expert. Republicans operate on that; are strengthened by that. While the nuanced and smart that proliferate the campuses and more urbane metro areas of the USA tout academic capital P Postmodernism, they don't know game as it is being played on the streets. Postmodernism is certainly a threat to old orders of doing things, but it is not a tool that only fits into the hands of former slaves, the downtrodden, and indigenous. Actually it is a tool that only works for those who know how to manipulate it. I contend that to manipulate it, one is better served by acting unqualified and ignorant rather than articulating a thesis such as historical slavery.

George Bush II was the only person in his family we could call "stupid", and his family has been amazed at his success eclipsing his more brilliant brother. GWB should thank god for postmodernism, because he got through 2 Presidential elections riding on the mandatory qualification of "ignorant" as part of the Cult of Personality in a postmodern state. Adding to this, in the smaller towns away from metropolitan suburbs across the South is a type of man who is successful by local standards but an ignorant oaf by New York City or Stanford standards. I've met a lot of those kinds of middle aged men -they talk and act just like George Bush II.

America voted for that kind of man.

With every New York Times Op-Ed piece that correctly points to Palin's lack of expertise, they have added to the power of her in Cult of Personality in the postmodern state.

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