Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is Life as meaningful as a bag of stones?

Does life have a meaning? < - > 09/08 13:35:51

is life any more valuable than its equivalent in a bag of stones? Metaphysically what is the real difference?

life is < linux_lance > 09/08 13:52:29

animate, recursive, extropic. A bag of stones is not.

This line of inquiry, pretending to flatten the valuation of higher and lower things, is a pathology that began in the 20th century. Hopefully in the 21st century academia labels this as an attempt to overvalue the lower, and undermine the higher.

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jesse said...

One can deem it as philosophical the idea of comparing life with a bag of stones. Indeed, comparatively, life is a cluster of hardships and challenges that face us daily, these are as hard as bag of stones. but these stones do collide and slid over each other which make almost all stones edgeless, refined and overtime, some become valuable such as diamonds.

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