Monday, September 8, 2008

Rightfully Dead Rescued by Lying Scum

The US government has just made the largest economic intervention in decades -acquiring control and fiscal ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The governments stated motives were the prevention of greater chaos in global financial markets, and lower mortgage burdens for US home loan debtors.

So the Bush Regime and Republicans, and for that matter Evangelicals, stand for the free market? Free Market 101, Tenet #1, is that the systems decides what survives, dies, weakens, or gets stronger. To help a dying system node is to undermine the system's own means of hygiene.

Everyone on board for this government economic intervention are not for free markets. Period.

These are looter scum that just raided my pocketbook. I am taking every word of anti-socialism and anti-big government that has spewed forth from the Reagan Echo Chamber and hurling it straight at every business person and Republican administration official who was for this or benefited from it. You are scum.

My family is currently DOING WELL in this economy. We 1) do not own a house 2) do not own a car, walk to work and to the store 3) have over $25,000 in the bank 4) We work in a small firm that makes computers for broadcast news, and as the world goes to hell and people want to watch on the TV, our company gains in that very scenario.

I am living out a dream as master of disaster economics, enjoying watching the stupid plummet into a cesspool of economic and social ruin, all while I live a beautiful, safe, and austere life.

Now the Republicans have taken some of my tax money and rescued people more foolish than me. I'm sorry, weren't Repubs supposed to be the party that believes in a meritocracy? That failures, the stupid, and the underperforming get their just deserts of poverty? And now you dare prop up that very type?

I am speaking of the inner-self and personal value of all on board this hypocritical government action -you are scum inside, and I will here on out practice politics and economics designed to f*ck you in half.


BFGalbraith said...

For once, all I have to say to your controversial statement Lance, is AMEN. (The whole "amen" song if you like.)

My wife and I are also benefiting from the current economy, and we also did not fall into the obviously inflated market that was real estate.

Real-estate charity: GTFO!!

The Serpent Lord said...

My understanding is that the multifamily dwelling (apartment) operations of these companies have been doing very well, and this intervention is only to shore up the single-family dwelling market.

Only about 1 in 7 american families rent an apartment, but it is a growing sector that is sustaining itself economically.

This government sees anthills and termite mounds springing up and is trying to protect the less eusocial (i.e. antisocial) insects.