Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Email to Barack Obama

Senator Obama

I am one of the millions who find your candidacy for President exhilarating. Across the board on issues and nuanced perceptions of America's needs, I feel you have potential no other politician has offered us in my 46 years of life. I support you way beyond the context of this one Presidential election. I hope to be seeing the effects of your vision long into the future.

Unfortunately, I have some precise business to write you about. The issue of taxpayer bailouts of private investment banking firms. I am absolutely against these bailouts. In the November 2008 election I will not vote for any one running for a national office who voted for the bailouts. With your historic run for the Presidency, I have had an ill feeling about standing absolutely on one issue and voting, or not voting, for you based solely on your Senate voting record with the bailout. In final summation I cannot cheapen our relationship -I must vote or not vote for you based on our agreement on issues.

I heartily encourage you to coordinate with Congressional ( especially GOP ) leaders who are standing up against White House pressure, and articulate a resounding no to this amazing attempt to swindle tax dollars to reward failed market risks in the private sector.

Good Luck
-Lance Miller

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