Saturday, September 20, 2008

Republican scum promoting MORE socialism

"Drill Here, Drill Now"

I'm an odd liberal progressive that has no problem with lifting moratoriums on domestic drilling. But the vagaries of meaning the Republicans are embedding the phrase with is such a sham. First, the oil that would come from any drilling in the US would be sold on the "spot market", which simply means to the highest bidder -e.g. If China outbids on the barrel of oil, China gets the oil. The spin we get from Republicans is as if the oil resources are nationalized, like in communist countries, and oil pulled from US soil automatically goes to American consumers. Ask a Republican if they want the US government to seize all oil produced on US soil, if they say "no", then tell them its the Drill Here Drill Now may mean no oil for the US consumer if the US consumers are too poor to pay for it.

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