Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watching the WORDS go by

This post is a mental mash-up of the content of two URL's.

  1. The Technium: Two Strands of Connectionism
  2. S.I.P. on GAE

So machines, especially the page ranking system of Google, are parsing our URL text based on statistical relationships. Humans, such as me, enjoy statistical non-narrative representation of URL text as seen on S.I.P. on GAE.

Why doesn't Google create Matrix-like vertical scroll ( MLVS ) of the stream of searches coming through? Or someone write an app that pipes Ettercap packet capturing into a MLVS? Or any other source that would make for an interesting scrolling screen?

I know some of the answers might be "well why don't you write it?". Yes, the Ettercap example is doable by a lone wolf hacker such as myself. But Ettercap is not going to have as rich content as a global Google stream of activity. This is more a business decision than technical. Someone with access to a critical mass of text stream needs to do this.

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