Thursday, February 19, 2009

If "Information is Power" is filtering/banning information for your soldiers a case of friendly fire?

It's one thing to unplug the networks because of an active and known threat. It's another when the network is disconnected from a failure to comply with computer policies created by folks who don't have the slightest understanding of information or computer security (pilots).

The AF is bass-ackward when it comes to all things network. As pointed out in the article, much of the internet is blocked for arbitrary reasons based on words in the website such as blogs, forums, flash sites, social networking. I have even been blocked from accessing websites with the word "weapon" and "flight simulation". I wonder how many websites Al Qaeda blocks from their people? ...obviously not flight sims.

An average terrorist with a internet connection is better wired than an Air Force officer. The word to our enemies is, "Don't try to bomb our communications, we will gladly disable them for you the first time you email an Air Force Base a .zip file."

Posted by: Sauce | Feb 18, 2009 9:54:23 PM

See what happens when you standardize your network on the most insecure operating system on the planet - then implement half-ass DoD 8570 measures. Maybe those boys should get some real training for a change. Perhaps buy one less F-22 and you could actually fund that.

Posted by: Solaris10 | Feb 18, 2009 8:52:58 PM

WIRED:DANGER ROOM: Air Force Unplugs Bases' Internet Connections

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