Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to make NASCAR rednecks accept Obama

I'm on several Conservative email lists. No wait, I am on one, but its so busy and diverse its like being on a thousand. It is Human Events magazine. Through it Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan and Chuck Norris weave their unique style of right wing ism. I read it so I know what true right wingers are talking about. Not being all snob here; Coulter has a stinging wit that is great and Pat Buchanan comes off as very principled and intelligent.

Since January almost every writing is a call to jihad against President Obama. The President's economic rescue plans are simply seen as ruination via all out socialism.

Here is my recommendation to the Obama administration to counter this growing tide of discontent.

Make sure the stimulus money employs men that drive concrete trucks and work laying down concrete. Make sure this concrete is being laid down far from the big liberal cities. Out in suburban Ohio, Nebraska, California's redneck valley region, Wyoming, and Moses Lake Washington. Whether the projects are repairing our aging Interstates, or building something for the next paradigm - such as wind farms; get lots of Republican men and women out there doing real shovel work and bringing home $800 a week.

Do not direct stimulus money to the standard old friends-of-Democrats such as inner-city lesbians working towards rewilding the landscape and revering native peoples. Hire hard drinking lesbian truck-drivers instead. Hyperbole aside: do not divert tax money to pet projects of the far left social justice set. Not one dollar of the stimulus money.

So back to the prejudiced white Nascar fans bringing home $800 a week (who's neighbors are unemployed due to the closed Home Depot store). They will become deaf to the Republican scream-machine, and become not so much believers in socialism, but at least vocal advocates of the type of government Obama promised in his inauguration speech. One that works.

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