Thursday, June 26, 2008

Progressives in the class warfare game

Below is a copy of a post I found on a Seattle area current events website, and fully agree with the post. Progressives are using blacks in their class warfare game. Blacks are reinforced to believe all faults are in anyone not poor and not black. This ideology has contributed to the trend among blacks to target whites and Asians (anyone they see as more wealthy and mobile) for assaults or murder.

Progressives want so desperately to believe in multiculturalism. But the facts on the ground won't square. If you neglect your kids, beat them, don't read to them, plop them in front of the TV, feed them a bad diet, etc. then it's no wonder they end up in contact with government services. Progressives want to hide from the reality that ghetto culture is responsible for ghetto outcomes. It's not because someone has a particular amount of melanin in their skin that they make bad choices. It's because they believe in a foolish ideology and have that consistently reinforced by guilt-ridden Progressive elitists who love to use them as pawns in their class warfare games.

Skin color has nothing to do with anything. It's about bad choices. Speaking to skin color is a slander on all those of any color who simply work hard, play by the rules, and steer clear of defective color obsessed culture.

The racism of the left is so appalling, and it will continue the downward slide for all those who view their behavior as a function of their color or ancestry.

This is simply a false idea. All humans have volitional consciousness and we can all make choices regardless of our skin color. It's not hard for anyone to figure out right from wrong simply by observing the world around them. It is no secret that better choices will lead to success.

Don't let racist Progressives tell you that you are limited by their definitions of you based on arbitrary attributes.

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