Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Angry Black Male Murdering Jihad?

Crime Spree 1

Victim: Marjorie Llewellyn, age 72 , white. While visiting the Newnan Wal-Mart the morning of March 7 ,2008, she was attacked by 23-year-old Courtney L. Lockhart. He then told her he was going to rob her, take her car and kill her. LLewellyn managed to resist, and with the intervention of strangers, survived the attack.

Victim: Laura Burke, age 18, white. Lockhart held her at gunpoint on campus, forcing her into his car, driving off with her inside, stealing her bank card and attempting to rape her. When she tried to escape, Lockhart shot her, and fled leaving her to die.

Crime Spree 2

Victim: Eve Marie Carson, age 22, white. Carson's body was found at the intersection of Hillcrest Circle and Hillcrest Drive in Chapel Hill at approximately 5 a.m. on March 5, 2008.Police could not immediately identify the body, but at 9 a.m. on March 6, 2008 police investigators and the office of the medical examiner identified the body as that of Carson. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said that Carson's death appeared to be a random act. Police recovered her car more than a mile away from her body after receiving a tip from a local witness. Police also released images from a security video of a person using Carson's ATM card.

The medical examiner said that Carson had not been sexually assaulted. Carson was shot several times, including once in the temple.

Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. was arrested almost 24 hours after the arrest of a man who, police say, joined him in the murder. Lovette, 17, and Demario James Atwater, 21, were charged on March 11, 2008 with first-degree murder in the crime. Lovette is also now being held in connection with the January murder of 29-year-old Duke University engineering student Abhijit Mahato.

All the above crimes were committed by young black men and the victims were white. To these I should add the story of mother and father ( both white ). Two black men kicked the door in on their home around 7:00 PM one evening, made them kneel and the floor, and held guns on them. My dad talked the men out of killing, and the men stole my mother's car. They were later apprehended and are serving time. My mother tells me she regularly overheard blacks talking loudly in front of their house say "we need to get these whites out of the neighborhood". My mom and dad never spent another day in that house, so I guess the racial cleansing by the blacks was successful.

My sister had the misfortune to see 17 year old, and black, Joshua Leallen Loften blow the head off of Dean Worden. a white man, in front of his wife and children. My sister was at close range and actually saw the man be shot and die. The black killer was beating a 50 year-old white woman because she would not give him her purse. Worden had yelled at Loften to stop beating the lady, and Loften killed him. This was in pleasant shopping area on a Sunday afternoon.

Could we have a secret terrorism on whites in the USA? I contend that we do. Within my immediate family there are two incidents of black males terrorizing or killing whites. Definitely a pattern.

The most major social catastrophe that will result from these murders is the eroding of progressive gains in poorer neighborhoods. The public under threat from this Jihad will do more of the same: move to safer and more exclusive regions. The losers will be poor black neighborhoods, full of hard working regular people and home to a few militantly hostile agents.

It is interesting that all the above cases were solved by viewing surveillance cameras. I believe these cameras are saving us. These men are now behind bars because of the technology.

I would like to see the public gain an awareness of this black murdering of upwardly mobile college students as a pattern, give it a name, and start aggressively combatting it. As a culture we should be able to articulate a solution that pinpoints these militantly angry blacks as worthy of death without saying a general statement about blacks -a progressive offensive posture.

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The Serpent Lord said...

I see misleading vividness, no spree, no racist motive and no pattern in the victims of these killings (Mahato is from India.)

It is your parents neighbors, not the people who invaded their home (whatever their motivations) who actually commited a crime more heinous than mere murder.

1. The comments about ethnically cleansing the neighborhood clearly advocate a crime against humanity. Whether this actually constitutes "incitement" is another issue.

2. By making these comments in public where their white neighbors could overhear they directly participated in ethnic cleansing.

In the united states you are allowed to wear a swastika armband in public and say "kill whitey", even if it contributes to segregated neighborhoods like we see in Seattle. If it happened in Germany they'd make a law against it. If it happened in Iraq, someone would blame George Bush.

The meme of ethnic cleansing is practically indistinguishable from the meme of racial identity. (What does it mean to have some people "in" and "out" of a group if it has no physical effect?)

So here's what I say: There is no angry black male murdering Jihad. There is an ethnic cleansing meme in the united states, and we can't blame that on Hitler's army of Little Eichmann's or George Bush's crusaders.

When any person says "let's go someplace where there are no people of that ethnic group" let alone "let's send that ethnic group someplace else" they propagate the idea that a campaign of ethnic cleansing exists.

If perpetrators and victims were evenly and randomly distributed by race we would expect that about half of crimes would be perpetrated by whites against non-whites or non-whites against whites. In other words once the meme has been planted, we will see gut-level evidence of this ethnic cleansing (regardless of whether it actually exists.)

However the promotion of gut-level evidence over reason protects the memes by misdirection. It draws our attention to criminals who may not even be infected by the meme, and even if they are infected have less chance of spreading it than a harmless "law-abiding" citizen.

Furthermore it makes our own minds more susceptible to the meme when it shows up in a mutated form ("We should go someplace where there are no black people who don't want to live around white people.")

Congratulations, you have discovered a primal, spiritual connection. You have tapped into a pure experience which precedes pictures and words.

Now let us ponder Orgel's Second Rule: "Evolution is cleverer than you are."

Two policies have been proposed which actually make sense with regard to the type of crime you describe:

1. Certain symbols and words when used sincerely but "harmlessly" still constitute harassment and incitement to crime. This should be the focus of activism against "hate crime" rather than heaping more punishment on people who are already being punished for other crimes. It may be advisable to avoid the watered-down term "hate speech" to describe the crime of advocating atrocities like ethnic cleansing.

2. Mass media (and I would add other groups that survive by meme-spreading) are responsible for the information they choose to spread, and in the case of sensational crimes - perhaps even whole categories of crimes - they should not report them even though the scoop could be worth big money.