Monday, June 30, 2008

Is the "Revolution" of the oppressed killing their oppressors?

A lot of academic ink has expressed, and orthodoxies of political dissent have rallied around, the immobile poor rising up against those with more. The idea has a ring of justice.

Here is an instance of young, poor, immobile black men killing a successful, UNC student body president, 22 year old woman. The black men entered her apartment, took her to an ATM and got cash ( their are ATM surveillance photos on the web here), and then shot her several times, once in the temple.

This is not just poor doing a criminal act to get money, that can be done easily without killing anyone. This is not about money, this is the immobile poor targeting the wealthier for execution. Take a look at this story and ask yourself if this is a form of dissent you will let stand. Autopsy of UNC student-CNN.

To me, this trend of poor young blacks killing whites, asians, indian grad students, and anyone not immobile and poor is unacceptable. It needs to be named, condemned loudly in the political mainstream, and earnestly fought.

The result if this cannot be spoken about clearly in mainstream media? It stays a silent war and the relatively wealthier will continue to live in non-mixed-income neighborhoods inaccessible to the pedestrian poor. This works fine for those who don't care for urban life. For me economically homogenous suburbs are a bore. I live in an inner-city with a healthy mix of people. The poor who feel justified in killing the more successful are the biggest threat to that healthy mix of people.

Crime Spree 1

Victim: Marjorie Llewellyn, age 72 , white. While visiting the Newnan Wal-Mart the morning of March 7 ,2008, she was attacked by 23-year-old Courtney L. Lockhart. He then told her he was going to rob her, take her car and kill her. LLewellyn managed to resist, and with the intervention of strangers, survived the attack.

Victim: Laura Burke, age 18, white. Lockhart held her at gunpoint on campus, forcing her into his car, driving off with her inside, stealing her bank card and attempting to rape her. When she tried to escape, Lockhart shot her, and fled leaving her to die.

Crime Spree 2

Victim: Eve Marie Carson, age 22, white. Carson's body was found at the intersection of Hillcrest Circle and Hillcrest Drive in Chapel Hill at approximately 5 a.m. on March 5, 2008.Police could not immediately identify the body, but at 9 a.m. on March 6, 2008 police investigators and the office of the medical examiner identified the body as that of Carson. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said that Carson's death appeared to be a random act. Police recovered her car more than a mile away from her body after receiving a tip from a local witness. Police also released images from a security video of a person using Carson's ATM card.

The medical examiner said that Carson had not been sexually assaulted. Carson was shot several times, including once in the temple.

Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. was arrested almost 24 hours after the arrest of a man who, police say, joined him in the murder. Lovette, 17, and Demario James Atwater, 21, were charged on March 11, 2008 with first-degree murder in the crime. Lovette is also now being held in connection with the January murder of 29-year-old Duke University engineering student Abhijit Mahato.

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