Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let Artificial Intelligence Fight Crime

Connect a global network of millions of these, and we are set for letting computers fight crime and terrorists. This is progress, this is beautiful.

UK researchers are working on fitting CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence, allowing them to more quickly respond to crimes.

The technology, being developed by University of Portsmouth scientists, would allow cameras to "hear" violent sounds and react, swiveling quickly in the direction of a broken window or somebody shouting abusively for example, before alerting an operator.

The artificial intelligence powering the camera would also be able to respond to visual cues such as fights, or violent behaviour.

Scientists say the aim is to allow the camera to react just as a human might, hearing a scream and then swinging around to find the source with the same speed as a person, which is about 300 milliseconds.

Over time, the scientists claim the AI algorithms would learn, picking up key words and phrases it associates with criminal activity.

"The longer artificial intelligence is in the software the more it learns. Later versions will get cleverer as time goes on," says Dr David Brown, director of the project.

Article: AI could power next-gen CCTV cameras.-PC Pro Magazine

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