Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meme Spreading: Perpetual Disequilibrium

Society for the Perpetual Disequilibrium
of Society and Nature

Proponents and agent provocateurs of hardened utopias and resilient dystopias.

Rules for engagement with reality

  1. Never allow one rule to rule absolutely in your mind or out on the corporeal plane.

  2. Acknowledge higher powers for corporeal profit.

  3. Never allow a species to gain security from extinction.

  4. Transport the minerals on every planet possible.

  5. Joy in destruction is perverse,
    joy in stasis is perverse,
    joy in adaptation is a virtue.

  6. Your thoughts have boundaries.
    The corporeal plane has boundaries.
    Boundaries are good,
    for some things.

  7. Hats can be worn indoors.


BFGalbraith said...

After your last post I was thinking that a religion would compliment a society of post-appocalyptic pluming-tube bikers (aka "raiders") who had to do raids on the hippie-delta-farmers to support the biker's work keeping the local google farm going.

The God-figure, the golden idle, is clear enough: it's this massive electronic cloud computing server farm that is needed to keep the internet alive, even if at diminished capacity. It's straight out of history: "Our God has power yet needs to be served, which takes away from our personal time, so you non-God-servants need to give us God-servants support, even if it means we take that support by force."

Now in this post, we have a moral code forming for this post apocalyptic raider/hacker culture/faith. Pretty disturbing.

The Serpent Lord said...

Then there are the long dead titans: each with a thousand eyes and hands and wings, which in former times watched over the world, brought forth riches and protected mankind from the darkness. These Multinational Corporation Gods (or "McGods" for short) were immortal and could not be killed by human weapons, but they had the motives and moral imperfections of men (more men than women, at any rate...) These McGods were composed purely of legal code on dead trees and not composed of self-assembling code in living networks like a true God.

In the wake of the viking bikers come the inquisitors seeking out idle hands and brains in each community: the firebugs and the mischief-makers, the savants and misfits. These candidates are tested for non-idiocy and then conscripted into servitude at the Eagledale Park Not Very Fun Camp for Boys and Girls. There they are equipped with whatever birth control technology is available, forced to kill and eat animals, and trained in the useful arts of technology.

Most eventually return to the tribute-generating provinces to work as tax collectors and de-lousers, but others become merchants, engineers, raiders and inquisitors, and a few even feel the call to venture out as apostles to the savage tribes beyond the reach of our network with the Good News that there is still time to embrace technology and reason before the coming judgement!