Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post-Apocalyptic Technology: Managing Apocalypses

When I say "After the fall of government" I am just using an easier phrase for the ear. I really mean "After the extreme decline of governance and services provided by the government". The US federal government is still in existence in Washington DC. Most of the operational offices and war-rooms are in the former DC subway system. They are now referred to as .gov TLD. Their role outside the subway caves is improvised, shaped by the power ratios of clans and fiefdoms and their own expendable resources at the moment. .gov TLD keeps most of its far flung operations focused on resource stealing or revenge. This was a theme established during the Bush II years, and seems to work for them. ( the "stealing and revenge" economy is an alternative to our intentional community's "warring and trading" viking-informational economy. I believe the viking methodology is more sustainable. Revenge is often a resource hog. )

In 2008-2010 .gov TLD was led in its last great arc of respectable glory, with Barak Obama at the helm. His legacy was a soft and cultural one -he gave Americans a new style of honest reasoning, with the candor of his speeches. This meme was a building block of resilient communities that emerged as .gov TLD shrank. Then in April 2010 his old opponent Hillary led a coup. Obama fled to Alaska, now invested with permanent tenured status and propagates effectively within the .google TLD. Hillary has since directed .gov TLD in what she calls a V Monologue style.

Through these same years a threat developed in our region. The NeoRajneeshees. Led by Ma Anand Sheela ( real name Sheela Birnstiel ). She perpetrated the first bioterror attack in US history, planting salmonella in restaurants to incapacitate locals in order to skew election results. All this in support of her guru Indian mystic Bhagwan Rajneesh. During the early 2000's she operated upscale senior homes in Switzerland. In 2009 Sheela saw the policing vacuums in US governance and returned to Antelope Oregon. Her red frocked followers from Little Rock Arkansas ( I actually knew several of them in the mid 1980's, even seeing a personal letter alerting that Sheela had fled the compound with millions of dollars. It was a first life lesson that New Age combined with female leadership leads to a horribly abusive society and a terroristic threat to outsiders. Years later seeing the intellectually stunted Lesbians with Small Offices at Yellow Springs Antioch University was another horrific example).

The NeoRajneeshees were now 40-60's somethings, not the more youthful profile of their first attempt at local domination. They also had an estimated 4000 seniors from Switzerland. All were medically enhanced, using bioengineering tricks first popularized by Seattle's Lake Union biotech companies. The seniors were strong enough to clear passages in old mines, and these mines became the living quarters for The NeoRajneeshees.

Trouble for our intentional community came on October 12, 2012. The NeoRajneeshees sent 12 seniors to our commune with a message -that they wanted our land. The seniors then dumped a dead person on the ground, poisoned by genetic intervention/alteration. They explained that this is what they will do with us, if we stay one more month. They then swallowed a vial, passed out, and their bodies morphed into the same outwardly visible characteristics as the dead victim.

We were full of dread.

An amazingly timed, but totally bizarre and unanticipated thing happened before our month deadline was up. We got this information by watching surveillance video nanopiped from The NeoRajneeshees compound. They had continued digging in the mine shafts, I guess to expand their living quarters. Jump back for a backstory: A Christian Youth Ministry had bought the old The Rajneeshee Ranch in the 1990's. Around 2009 they just vaporized, no one knew where they went. In our surveillance video we believe we saw them. The NeoRajneeshees suddenly started running back out of the cave. Maybe a 1000 people, if you can call them that, came behind them. They were all wearing Mormon style underwear only, and had no legs past their knees. But wow were they fast in those caves!

The Christian Youth Ministry Cave Monsters ate all the NeoRajneeshees. At least that's what others told me, I couldn't watch all of the footage.

In January 2013 we got a "revenge stipend" from .gov TLD for the death of Sheela Birnstiel, a nice petroleum credit and also limited search access of .gov TLD. We are tunneling this access to the Google cloud, to expand the cloud.

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The Serpent Lord said...

In The Social Relations of e-Government Diffusion in Developing Countries: The Case of Rwanda, Wagaki Mwangi describes how has upgraded from a "stealing and revenge" to "stealing and revenge and trading".

The first problem is that African democracy is based on dialogue. This protects entrenched interests, which in Africa are often corrupt post-colonial institutions. The Rwandans found a solution: genocide.

When RPF leader Paul Kagame invaded Rwanda and stopped the genocide, he found an almost pure political vacuum in which to construct one of the first truly electronic governments. Having ended the fastest genocide in human history when the international community was powerless to do it, Paul Kagame seized the moral authority to lead Rwanda without foreign intervention.

Refugees from previous conflicts in the 50's and 70's returned with high tech skills, capital and more importantly social networking skills that connected them to the global e-commerce and communication technology community. They first provided the national assembly with computers and taught them to use the technology in a series of workshops. This turned democracy on it's head: "representatives" were transformed from a debate team into missionaries of the new, electronic Rwanda.

Now, in a country which has never had a television station: "The use of electronic technology in the village-level trials of those who committed genocide is exposing even illiterate people to a culture of high-technology that is missing in many African countries".

Rwanda's progress is invisible on the UN's chart of "e-readiness" because Rwanda's network is built on radio waves instead of phone lines. In a decade this country has gone from showing that international law is powerless in the face of primitive bladed weapons to developing a technology so advanced that it is effectively invisible to international agencies.