Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Hillary Clinton Supporters

It is the day after the Pennsylvania State primaries, April 23 2008. Here is a plea to the group of old, failed pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-progressives that are littering the contemporary political landscape with votes for Hillary Clinton. Please go away, and take the pundits who over-value your political dominance with you.

The Socially Conservative but Unionized ( read socialistic ) Factory Worker, Catholic, Democrat. God, you're a loser class. I am progressive, and would never in a million years buy your crappy manufactured goods. Americans prefer the goods produced by non-unionized evangelicals working at Honda or Mercedes plants in the midwest or south. No one likes you or your ugly stinktowns except your local preacher/priests and politicians, who are just your parasites anyway. Progress is everywhere else except in your dead-30-years-ago rustbelt reality. We should take note of who you vote for just as we take note of what you buy and what you believe in, and then throw away that note.

Old lady feminists, cutting edge back in the 1970's, now fat, single, lonely, and trying to make your last stand of social or historical relevance by voting for Hillary. History is full of evidence that women are a match to men on everything from mathematician to politician, but your not one of those equals. Women were always and forever equal, without your pathetic last stand for equality. You are a punitive group on a last gasp and encouraged by getting some time on the news, just like your stupid candidate of choice. I hope for real women to hold their own with men, and also take you old failed feminists out in the process.


The Serpent Lord said...

Ah, the tragedy of the 70's feminist and her man-dependency-rejecting proteges: winning one important early battle (Roe vs. Wade) only to find the long war stymied by the resulting nearly perfect balance. They created the world everybody wanted to live in except themselves. [Insert crying indian stock footage.]

Contrast Obama: a man who has proven himself equal to women in his matriarchal ethnic subculture.

The failure of Michael Moore's Roger and Me to incite a revolution in the rustbelt shows just how effectively generations of factory work can turn people into meat robots. Make their jobs simple and reasonably safe, provide for their retirement, tolerate unions and prop them up with keynesian economics and pretty soon you render them helpless simply by inflating their sense of entitlement. Oh, and it doesn't hurt if their churches and television programming reinforce their entitled self image by appealing to their tribal identity. (Well, I suppose it did hurt that japanese-american auto-worker who got beat up by is comrades back in the 80's)

Of course eventually the meat robot system becomes very expensive and then the critical difference between their Deus Ex Machinization and the God of their tribal religions becomes apparent: "God? God is love. I don't love you."

BFGalbraith said...

Wow, Lance, I'd say you were trolling if this weren't your own blog.

I was supporting Hillary until the sniper thing came out and I realized that her definition of "reality" was based on some theory of post-modern internal-narrative.
However, I skipped the caucuses in Washington State because of

a diversity of whiteness

As per the Serpent Lord's comment:

LanceMiller said...

I was a Hillary Clinton supporter until I realized the types voting for her of late.

She would have made a great President in 2000.

2008 is a different planet.