Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phrases Pointing Forward

  • Computer-on-a-Planet.

  • When the network becomes as fast as the processor, the computer hollows out and spreads across the network. -Eric Schmidt.

  • The next wave of innovation will compress today's parallel solutions in an evolutionary convergence of electronics and optics. It will link to trillions of sensors around the globe, giving it a constant knowledge of the physical state of the world, from traffic conditions to the workings of your own biomachine.

Quotes from The Information Factories -Wired Issue 14.10

Futurism Phrases by Lance:

  • All socially usable thoughts are documentable.
  • All documents must be readable by the Computer-on-a-Planet.
  • All data must have nouns to be considered information, and the nouns can morph over time.
  • The Computer-on-a-Planet must intelligently track that morphing.

Add to the above an aesthetic shift. It would be an innovation to move most narrative text to the use of bullet lists, ordered and not ordered. Ordered when algorithms are being discussed ( and by algorithms I include such non-science as "first establish credit, save up a down payment, then bid on a house" ), not ordered when we just know that a given list of things are associated within the bounds of some phenomenon or classification taxonomies. ( It is ironic I used the antithetical paragraph to discuss its successor, the bullet list )

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