Saturday, February 2, 2008

Evaluations and Corrections

This is a critique of the US criminal management system. Specifically, how we manage people after our jurisprudence process has deemed them guilty within a crime case.

The subsystem of psychological/character evaluation and rehabilitation needs deletion. It is essentially religious, even if the professional apparatus have masked their ideological origins with faux secularism.

A secular governmental apparatus should not be asking questions about criminal's character development. Character evaluations are for choices of personal/business affiliation. A large impersonal system making a predictive statement about one person's internal mental landscape is a case of two moving targets aiming at each other. The "corrections system" and the person's psyche are both too complex to completely map, and both manipulate the other in real time. An objective statement about "what is really going on" is empirically impossible ( except, ironically, this statement itself ) .

Locally, a person who had been convicted of numerous crimes and deemed criminally insane was under close supervision but not incarcerated, he stabbed a 31 year old woman to death in a random improvised act on December 31, 2007 story here. In another developing local story, a person found guilty of murder was also deemed clinically insane. He is being psychologically rehabilitated in order to stand trial and face punishment.

If humans were to meet and exchange cultural information with aliens from outer space, would we tell them these dark stories?

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