Friday, February 1, 2008

Marshal Plans, Postmodernism, and Anarchists vs Evangelical Anarchists

Today, fools talk of rescuing the world through an ideology. The greatest fools simultaneously believe we are in a postmodern age and also believe small groups can change larger society. The link from small group to larger society isn't there, by the very definition of postmodernism.

For American counterculture intelligentsia this has to be a painful realization. Agendas for growing a pacific or humanist ethos out from small local DIY communities or from the marketing campaigns of NGO's has hit spatial territorial limits, with the ethos having saturation in many cities/states (e.g. San Francisco, Vermont) and almost no presence in the rest of the USA.

An Iron Law of Postmodernism has emerged: The tribe is only important to themselves, and a mere object for exploitation or ridicule to others. Members of my tribe are people, other tribes are just wet, speaking meat. To prove my point, note how the Celebrate Diversity camp talk about their nemesis archetypes the Nazis, the Moral Majority and the Bush example

In the fluidity of these postmodern times Bush II and his voter base properly wielded the Iron Law of Postmodernism. They taxed the pants off hippies, and expanded the military-industrial complex both in size and in geography by locating the new additions to the "industry" in redneck and suburban zones of the US. Bush and Co. must have had an orgasm every time a tax paying anti-war protester declares "Not my President". That protest statement was a sign the postmodern White House was working as expected, taxing the wet meat of the opposing tribe.

There is not going to be another Marshall Plan for centrally mandating (and following through with) the repairing of societies or spreading such themes as Democracy, Freedom, Women's Rights, Protestant Theology or New Age Benevolence. A fully developed vision of this is at Global Guerillas blog:

"It should be clear, as we watch the gyrations and excesses of global markets, that no organization/state/group has any meaningful control over its direction. The same is true for almost every other aspect of globalization, from the environment to transnational crime to energy flows. In short, we've lost control and our collective future is in the hands of a morally neutral system that is operating in ways that we don't fully understand (nor will we). The best defense against this emerging situation is not to call for new Manhattan projects or global treaties or Marshall plans, which won't work since we can neither marshal the resources necessary nor collectively agree on anything other than the most basic rules of connectivity, it is to slowly introduce organic stability into out global system. The concept I've latched onto as a solution is what I call the resilient community."
The Resilient Community, John Robb, Jan 30 2008.

Anarchists, wow its going to hurt when their agenda recursively reacts on them. I've had several years since living in the Northwest in which I was in a political action with anarchists. Their Northwest USA species goes like this: We need to be hunter-gatherers, that if we are hunter-gatherers there will be no perpetrators of violence, all sense of linear time and objective punctuality are bunk, and industrialization is the devil.

Like the postmodern Bush II crushing the postmodern idealists, there may be an anarchist type that kills Anarcho-Primitivists for sport or profit. There is a growing awareness amongst less idealistic anarchists that if the fall of industrialism occurs, the world will default to an iron age. This means the military gear of the Middle Ages. A simple review of the Middle Ages should remind any Anarcho-Primitivists of one wide-spread phenomenon: the easy butchering of neolithic people by small bands of sword carrying men. There are more examples in history than the same old colonialist stories. The metal owning Huns invaded what is now called Hungary and exterminated almost the entire population of primarily peasant class agrarians. This extermination was without drama, less than 5 Huns would manage the chopping off heads in a whole zone of a neighborhood. Docile, unarmed populations without mobility are easy to manage that way.

No one cares about, or will care about, Anarcho-Primitivists anyway, so moving on. What I find interesting in a stereotype breaking sort of way is talk amongst suburban, middle-to-upper-class, evangelical leaders of embracing Anarchy. Here is one major leader's blog entry: God, Government, and Christianity. Who knows where this Evangelical Anarchy thing might go? Maybe in 2015 we could see amoral outliers of the Evangelical Anarchists killing or selling Anarcho-Primitivists. History has stranger stories.


Worldwide systems intervention may still be possible, but the little possibility there is seems most promising from Dubai hedge fund managers and the President of China. They are the only entities with the intellectual and monetary horsepower to accomplish the task.

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