Saturday, January 5, 2008

United States President: An Innovation

For an end to the culture war, and to move to a more collaborative and efficient union, America needs one of these scenarios for the Executive Branch:





I am an inner-city liberal that has no car, secular and geekish. My lifestyle would put me in the left-liberal camp under the old rules of the culture war. But I'm really tired of one side winning 4 years and shoving their collective lifestyle tenets down the throat of the other culture. All the guys in my list above are beyond such liberal-conservative war mongering. Defying old stereotypes -Huckabee is a former preacher that is also hip and witty, Obama is hip and also religious. Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger are Republicans that have championed progressive environmental policies, out of sync with many in their own party. They all know the collective economic muscle of this country relies on cities and countryside, religious people and geeks, hipsters and oldsters. To choose one or the other is to choose a weak country.

I select All the Above.

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