Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stewart Brand: On what he changed his mind about.

Stewart Brand Founder, Whole Earth Catalog, cofounder; The Well; cofounder, Global Business Network; Author, How Buildings Learn.

He was asked "What things did you change your mind about in 2007?

Answer: Good Old Stuff Sucks. See the full text here.

The question, and Mr. Brand's answer, were part of survey question addressed to a large of what I would ( with high respect ) call celebrity intellectuals. These are people with years of investment in their ideas. their "ideology". Their bills get paid because people pay to hear their ideas. So, for them to change their minds, and admit it in a public forum, is an honest sort of courage.

I think those of us who are not celebrity intellectuals could use the same dose of courage. Whoever we are -committed environmentalist, Christian Coalition fundraiser, gay rights activist, anarchist, or police officer; that identity may pay our bills or gain us popularity but will dry up the more nimble parts of our brain and our hearts if left unchanged forever. No one is asking us to go work for the bad guys, whoever that is, but maybe the fresh vantage point gained from a changed mind will help you serve the good guys a little better.

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