Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Giant AI Series: The Integration

In the 1960's a German philosopher wrote:
“Eventually the system will reach a point–the word that provides the social cue is ‘integration’–where the universal dependence of all moments on all other moments makes the talk of causality obsolete. It is idle to search for what might have been a cause within a monolithic society. Only that society itself remains the cause.”

( Negative Dialectics, p. 267, Adorno).

There are many postulating a rise of technology that makes technology, and has political leverage with humans. Could Adorno's "total integration" be an antecedent of the rise of technology as political peer? Nature was an ambient condition for the rise of culture, could culture that has lost its reference to outside causality be an ambient for the rise of technological life?

This progressive hopes so.

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