Saturday, January 19, 2008

Towards less Hate: Rise of the Bourgeoise-Technologist

Type 1: Symbiotic dependence is entirely local. If there is a more global connection and trade, it is created by an elite class equipped with mobility and communications, involved with locals only to exploit natural commodities of labor, minerals, plant or animal extracts, or entertainment talent.

Type 2: People we are symbiotically dependent on are local, plus political leverage through homogeny by solidarity with racial or culturally similar groups. Coordination between local nodes is facilitated by one-to-many media. The media has certain command capabilities, and locals have leverage in the form of only watching affirmation of their cultural or racial biases. This social type is still strongly Type 1.

Examples: 50's and 60's WASP-centric programming, Black Entertainment Television channel, TV evangelism.

Type 3: A growing class symbiotically dependent on a global economy. These are non-elite equipped with mobility and communications, untethered to local circumstances of others, and symbiotically dependent on people not in their racial, religious, or national profile.

My term for this antithesis class to the Type 1 and 2 profiles: Bourgeoisie-Technologist.

Bourgeoisie-Technologist Flag

Dialectics on Types 1, 2 and 3

A rise of a Bourgeoisie-Technologist class does not equate to anticipation of total peace, nor does it imply that the Internet will disable Type 1 and 2. The Internet will aid in perpetuating 1) the exploitation of locals by malicious elite. 2) Affirming old racial and cultural homogeny's and prejudices by giving "channels" for viewers to watch their beliefs affirmed. The Bourgeoisie-Technologist class owes its existence to mobile phones, computers, and satellite data transmission; but the Internet is a wider phenomenon. Perhaps this illuminates the stereotype of iPhone user as a diversity-friendly type, and large PC users as more Type 2-ish.

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