Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama's machines defeat Arizona, sanctuary cities and Mexican criminals

Arizona's immigration law allowed police officers to use their own human judgement on choosing whether to demand papers proving someone's right to be in the United States. This provision of the law was struck down by a federal judge.

The Obama administration isn't soft on illegal immigrants, actually Obama is more effective at catching people who here illegally than any President before him. He uses machines.

The machines are computers that compare fingerprints compiled in a federal database. The machines are part of the Secure Communities program, arrested people's fingerprints are required to be submitted for matches in the federal database. This is fast, race-neutral, even immigrant-issues neutral, and results in accurate information and identification.

To agendas fueled by silly human sentiment were utterly crushed by Obama's Skynet:

  1. WASP-first nationalism.
  2. Sanctuary cities and other agendas that aid illegal immigrants.

Long live Obama's Skynet.

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