Tuesday, August 3, 2010

they want us to do well

Accepting the postmodern tenet that the world is full of tribes now -clusters of people politically aligned due to blood kin, social class, agenda, etc; then we are stuck in a perpetual state of conflict if we think the other tribes besides our own are out to get us. This is the root of liberal-hate by red states, white hate by blacks, Israel hate by Arabs, etc.

The radical leap for anyone in this age of tribal membership -a radical leap that could end the cycle of obstructionism and war- would be viewing your traditional opponent tribe as wanting you and your tribe to do well, to prosper.

...to think "they want us to do well".


B. F. Galbraith said...

The tourism industry would suggest a possible meme for this. Few people what to tour 3rd world waste lands. They want to see foreign successful ways of life in their travel, ways that produce alien forms of entertainment and food. They do not want to see a bunch of children dieing from lack of health care when they are putting on their sunblock on a over-seas beach.

Brian Martin said...

That is certainly a mental threshhold: to go from the common tribal mentality of viewing other tribes with susupicion, to viewing others with sympathy.

I think the tourist mentality exists because they view the world as "one village," one tribe.