Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Email from a white man married to a Chinese woman, with children

I moved out of the Rainier Valley in Seattle largely because of the racial tension there. The whites were trying to keep the Mexicans out, the Blacks were pissed about the Asian businesses, and various types of Chinese did not like other various types of Chinese. My Human Services training tells me that when you run into a group that is hard to get into, it is because the communication inside the group is not healthy. I ran into particular issues whenever I tried to socialize with any of my african american male neighbors on the bus, if they were older than me there was no problem, but if they were younger than me there was hell to pay.

Well, it turns out that around the time I moved out, there was a significant struggle going on for the hearts and minds of BET:
and much more importantly:

It turns out this conversation is continued now in the Obama era, though you can see it is evolving:

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