Friday, May 15, 2009

The Short Synthesis Manifesto Thread

Goal: Keep it short, cover the big brush strokes.

  1. Generalized infrastructure ( Roads, Ports, etc).
    These are as essential as air, food, and water to be an industrialized country. We do not leave these to the gambits of the market place.

  2. Religion.
    Ability to do it and ability to pay rent, work, bath, serve in the military and walk down the sidewalk without doing it. The default space is secular and loaded with NO ETHICS except economic norms, efficiency, and expediency. The NO ETHICS means such statements as "I value every human and want them fed and happy" to be a nice hobby and religion, but not imposed on the default space.

  3. Technology.
    We are a hairless fangless species. For any member of our species to abstain from technology, we need to help them along by killing them, because a human absolutely without technology is dead anyway.

  4. Competition.
    It is good. Every instance it did not succeed and make a better place, it was because it wasn't absolute enough, some people got to be stupid or fat or slow and still got a prize.

  5. Misery.
    Life is hard. But it is not retarded. There is a kind of hardship that does happen. But no reason to MAKE it miserable. The goal is the pursuit of happiness. Being a hardass is ok. Being just freaking mean and cruel is not part of the game. Being mean and cruel gets a public endorsed wrath of ass paddling in front of your friends, or prison time, or execution.

  6. One generation (or more) ago.
    One generation ago we are not responsible for. No reparations, no righting of wrongs, no tipping the balance score, no historical justice. If my father killed everyone in Russia or Africa, you give me five minutes of attitude about it, see the ass paddling or prison time in above statement. Counterpositive with this, generations of innocence do not make a good people. The past does not make one righteous or unrighteous. We look at now, and overtly judge everyone.

  7. Freedom.
    You are free to drink whiskey and play blues guitar all the time. Enjoy. You are free to overwork, save, and then send yourself to Stanford. Enjoy. You are free to live on the street, score some good pot every day, and practice tai-chi in the park. Enjoy. Don't be rude to other people and stay out of the way of anyone not a friend of yours.

  8. Ambivalence.
    Ambivalence is the root of all tolerance. Demand that we love, and we will hate. Without ambivalence the economic relations degrade and we revert to war.

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