Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post-Apocalyptic Technology: Wikipedia on a Stick

Scenario: Due to a large or small catastrophe you are cut off from the world wide web. The time of your cut off from the web may be a day, or a year.

It would be nice to have ONE FILE that is all the information you need, that you usually easily get from the WWW, wikipedia and Google. The info may be How To Create a Wireless Intranet, How To Create a Web Page, useful land topography or tide table info for your area, a set of specialized calculators, How To Create a Internet Relay Chat on a Wide Area Network.

ONE FILE that contains all the info, so that it is easily portable on a USB stick. ( Maybe be a little more prepared by having Firefox software for Windows, Linux and OS X on the same USB. )

Amazingly, a group has already produced a fairly mature answer to this design spec: There is even a project trying to make a Desktop/OS version at There is another TiddlyWiki project for saving confidential info at

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