Saturday, May 23, 2009

NIMBYism, Rationalism as opposed to Moral Religious Fascism

  • Rationalism is a prerequisite for being considered a human with the full rights of an adult.

  • NIMBYism is the only honest and valid civic discourse.

  • Any claim to a universal unchanging valuation ( e.g. people should not be suffering in poverty, or all should be fed ) is not NIMBYism, and is not a political public policy stance, but rather a religious conviction. One cannot claim to be secular or offering an administrative objective when positing such valuations. When these religious convictions are domestic or foreign policy, they are fascist and imperialist.

  • The religion of Christianity is not the one correct religion, but does mark the evolutionary higher mark when spirituality become a literate and rational pursuit. The horrors and abuses of the Holy Roman and Greek Orthodoxy empires were more attributed to abandoning the higher mark of literacy and rationalism for the short sighted gain of converting illiterate peasants. Protestants resurrected the correct way ( literacy and rationalism ), which led to their dominance of other cultures. The "other cultures" practiced irrational and illiterate means to power ( whether spiritual, political, or military ), which is intrinsically lower and thus a means to less power when confronting a literate and rational entity.

  • A subtext, sublimated, and unspoken goal of the Political/Philosophical Left is a cessation of all coercion and violence as means to offense and defense of territory ( in layman's terms that means closing down all police and military operations ). The Right Wing reactionaries often think the Left is just plain stupid on this. But that misses the unspoken assumption of the Left: that the world works on a karma/righteousness basis, that if we cease all the mean stuff called police/military activity we will be more "innocent" and will reap some sort of karmic benefits. I offer this secular stance: there is no karma at work, no eye in the sky jotting down the absolute pacifist as a good person to be rewarded. The person that operates with no sense of strategy, banking totally on the exchange rates of a mystical construct is a fool. The person who would impose this foolishness on public policy is a liability to society.

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BFGalbraith said...

This is a clearly stated summary of a very important idea, especially from a private security standpoint, where we often get the question: "why do we need security at all?"