Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nimbyism versus Universal Solutionism

In the NIMBYism vs Global-Solutionism choice, the later is untenable and not what local community resources should concern themselves with. Global-Solutionism is just an old Catholic Social Justice construct ( universal solutions ) that is fine for someone's religion but is ruining civic dialogue and purpose.

I am progressive and ONLY practice Nimby-ism. The exception is the global effect I intentionally introduce with my commerce, which is heavy on the use of

( the reason I'm so touchy about NIMBYism is in our local papers the dominant refrain when dealing with neighborhoods with high drug abuse on the streets is to denounce NIMBY's, and claim we need to the wider scope of poverty or homelessness statewide or nationwide. I disagree with that dominant refrain, )

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