Thursday, October 9, 2008

Assaults on students at Seattle's Roosevelt High School

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Posted by JoeUser at 10/9/08 9:56 a.m. 194545

I attended Roosevelt from 77-81. I was robbed twice on school grounds by black students, and this was almost a daily occurrence among my friends back then. The attackers were nearly always kids that had been bussed in from other schools, so we never knew who they were, and they typically disappeared from school for a week or two afterwards, so the problem never went away.

Regarding reader "Roosevelt" comment about baseball was also fairly common for people to show up at school with a trunk full of them after an incident.

I know one student who ran down the stairs in front of the school when a black kid pulled a knife and attempted to rob him. The attacker threw the knife from the top of the stairs and managed to nick my friend in the back.

I'm not afraid to say that it was black students committing these crimes, because that's who it was. Is it racist to state that fact? I don't recall a single instance of a friend being robbed by another white kid.

I had many black friends in high school, and still have many today. I don't care what color a persons skin is as long as they are good people. Unfortunately, many experiences in high school and while living in the Central District for three years have made me wary.

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BFGalbraith said...

A citizen based crime documentation system would go a long ways to establish these kind of patterns in certain areas. In the case of the Beacon Hill Groper, we could have had solid proof that 30+ witnesses said he was black, but when he was caught he was not black. In the case of a specific high school, if there is a specific cultural-social connection between a group of people committing crimes, the evidence can then be shown to leaders in that cultural-social group, so that they can be shamed into doing something about the problem. (Whites might not have the cultural connections to figure out exactly who was doing this, but you can bet there are a number of prominent ministers and pastors who could have gotten to the bottom of it and sorted it out - leaders who have a stake in these kids NOT growing up to be thugs rotting in jail instead of attending Church and making donations.)