Friday, October 31, 2008

DIY Industrialism: Lumenlab

Lumenlab makes a $600 robot tool called miCro which is not only the all-purpose tool many people need, it can also build parts for their $1600 RoGR robot tool which will:

"Replace most tools in your shop, improve the quality of your work and spend less time doing it!"

They proclaim that do-it-yourself-and-then-have-the-robots-do-it-for-you is the go-to philosophy of the New Great Depression:

"Every dollar spent must count in today's economy and Lumenlab's robotics products are not only the best value on the market, you can use them to generate income!"

They also sell $230 recycled desktop computers with Ubuntu and the software for controlling the robots pre-installed. If you add $65 for a used 15" LCD monitor (latest RE*PC price) and $25 for a keyboard and mouse, then you can get a basic home/small business fabrication system for under $1000 and the full enchilada for under $2000. In other words physical fabrication technology is now about the same cost as the computer hardware you use to design electronic content.

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