Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mechanized Marijuana

Marijuana should be legal to consume, but needs some tweaking to its image before this should happen.

The USA has been on a path to bourgeois-industrialism in all facets of life for the last 100 years. This is awesome, and what makes America a success. Removing nature, and replacing with the mass manufactured object is something I want and would fight and kill in wars to make sure happens.

Enter marijuana. At the consumer experience level it is too leafy and simple. This just won't work. Whiskey and beer show in no way the plants they come from, and come in a glass, metal or plastic container. Marijuana needs to adopt the same.

Marijuana needs to be consumed in a form something like a can of Red Bull.

And marijuana sounds too foreign and sensuous, it needs to be called what redneck, white Lynyrd Skynyrd fans called it in the 1970's: Pot.

Pot. Let's make it industrial looking, legal, and persecute anyone wanting the organic kind.

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