Thursday, March 12, 2009

The President of Texas

Many place the rise of American suburbs in the 1950's, sort of coinciding with middle class consumers of convenience appliances and longing for a Jetson's-like nuclear family.

Bullshit. As a young boy in the 1960's I remember the town's main stores, and our house, being downtown. It was the same most everywhere. On the outskirts of town were cows, crops, and the people that tended them. Or wilderness.

In the late 60's people (white people that is) started moving to any outskirt that didn't have sidewalks that led downtown. Why? Because black people lived downtown, and US laws and law enforcement officers were now going to treat everyone downtown equally. The Left Anti-suburbia set ( of which I am sort of a member since I live downtown and don't like suburbs ) think they are expressing an epiphany when they claim "the suburbs don't have any community". No shit, thats what whites intended -to abandon community, because the US had mandated a desegregated community. The whites who didn't want to live a desegregated life wanted no sidewalks.

Let's move onto the newest secession craze. America has elected a black man, possibly the most brilliant and technologically advanced man to occupy the White House. Conservatives that are more brawn than brain ( exclude the good guys David Brooks and Arnold Schwarzenegger ) are talking about militia, tribal, postmodern temporary autonomous zone types of secession.

I give a list of links to track the wackiness. The last link is the Lawrence Massacre, just to throw a dose of sobriety into the mix.

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