Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palestinians are

The population we call Palestinians were guest workers that came from Syria, Egypt and other countries to work as low wage manual laborers for Jews. The Jews were building their homes and city infrastructure on land largely void of inhabitants before the 1920's.

In 1948 the lands of origin -Egypt, Syria, etc; blocked the guest workers from reentry, helping to create the irreconcilable and contentious situation in Israel.

Now, the world loves to sympathize with the poor, and these manual laborers are perfect poster children for a "cause". My problem with this is these poor people are forever full of hate, violence and racist solidarity. Using the last 60 years as evidence, they lack the cultural capability to create a healthy economy, and prefer to spend their energies attacking Israel. The idea of a Palestinian State sounds good, but all evidence is they will have no ability to create an economy, other than a religious/racist economy of violence.

When Israel strikes, they do more damage, take more lives than the Palestinians. This is because of being more effective, and better resources. The Palestinians are always the ones who initiated the war, and that fact is more notable as a crime than Israeli success in defense.

Palestinians hate. Palestinians exist in an economy of racist violence. Palestinians reap the benefits of world opinion programmed to side with the poorer in any war, even if the poor are the worst of humans.

By analogy, the Palestinians are illegal or legal guest workers from Mexico, denied reentry to Mexico, who are fighting by throwing stones, and home-made rockets to regain "their homeland" of Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Texans would kill them .

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The Serpent Lord said...

Hamas has shown us that the Palestinians have the political will to form a state, provide for their people and their defense. They have also shown us that political will alone is insufficient.

On the other hand, they have also shown us that Israel falls short of the performance expected for a developed nation. At best it could be described as the Wild West until Israel can provide not only a show of force but actual stability within it's borders.

The permanent refugee status of large numbers of palestinians is part of a larger global refugee crisis.

Current international law regarding refugees is designed to protect the refugees from what is assumed to be intolerable conditions in their country of origin, but this filter tends to gradually sift the population of world into ghettos isolated by barbed wire.

It also creates an environment in which the corrupt politics of identity are used by some refugees to exploit others.

This last point is worth restating:

Backwardness in any population benefits tribal leaders who exploit myths of peasantry and nationalism. In a very large population like millions of palestinians this ceases to be a local problem and becomes a significant regional and global threat which might be countered with certain forms of education, technology and commercial development that undermine the backwardness that feeds corruption.