Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mass Leftist Shift Doesn't Have To Kill Our Industrialism

News column of reference: Mass Transit Doesn't Have to Kill Our Love Affair With Cars -Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic ( yes, the bass player for Nirvana ) wrote a measured, mature opinion in The Daily Weekly. He basically says we don't have to dislike cars while supporting a transition to mass transit.

I like the way his perspective is not charged with villains, shrill absolutism, or conspiracy theories. Quite a contrast to the luddite all-local, no-metal political agenda orthodoxy that passes itself off as academia and leftism in America. This fascism would sneer at Novoselic's pleasure of owning and working on old VW's. To the luddite pseudo-progressives Novoselic is hellbound for hitting the high points of evil: he likes transportation ( overtly anti-local ) , he likes something metal, he likes something with a motor (the core of all industrialism), and he has the cognitive capacity for mechanical troubleshooting ( implying scientific method and objective functionalism, which was employed by colonialist to subjugate, which makes it evil, and it doesn't hurt that most of the pseudo-left have no mental proficiency in this area and operate in a state of jealousy and fear they will be found out as morons who depend on the crapshoot of mysticism and magic [ and their mom's credit card or school loan ]).

But enough about these fascist luddite, humanist scum. Their numbers are going to shrink, no matter which way the future goes: 1) If the world regresses to pre-industrial, they'll be killed, raped, or taken as slaves (not in that order) as they are easy targets -stupid, pacifists, and weak from too little protein. 2) The Obama-Trend, in which the best and the brightest are once again able to identify as the left -while openly touting their rigorous education and industrial economy agenda. This will corrupt and disable the semiotic game the luddite fascists have been getting away with for a years.

Novoselic's article is small symptom of the Obama-Trend, a measured and balanced way to pursue social change as part of the natural course of an industrial society, without the absolutism and fascism of more primitive societies.

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