Friday, August 29, 2008

Manual for the 21st Century

Whole book online in HTML and PDF format here.

As the author of this book, I offer this grid of what the book is, and is not:
  • is a terse short manual
  • is for readers who can understand systems science
  • is about extropic systems
  • is about epistemic technology
  • is about the Anthropocene geological era
  • is for the bourgeoisie-technologist
  • is supportive of industrialization
  • is written in a style inspired by the Tao Te Ting
  • is progressive ideals of cultural inclusiveness and diversity
  • is compatible with the perspectives of Ayn Rand
  • is supportive of evolution and change as a demand on all things
  • is supportive of mobility and adaptation as a demand for all humans
  • is supportive of violence in defence of society's continued dynamism
  • is supportive of treating intentional pacifist localized economies as powerless tributaries
  • is appropriate for all brilliant children as a source of inspiration and guidance

  • not a manual with detailed implementation
  • not supportive of a return to more primitive ways of living
  • not for absolute local economies
  • not for absolute pacifism
  • not for religious morals imposed on wider society
  • not for a totalitarian society engineered not to evolve
  • not for legislation designed to prevent individual and community death by failure

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