Monday, August 11, 2008

Letter to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili

First some assumptions and declarations: If I have an opinion, then it is almost impossible there are no others that have a similar opinion. I am an American citizen, living in Seattle, voting about 80% Democrat, 20% Republican. Will vote for Barack Obama for President.

It is now Monday, August 11th 2008, and Russia is winning in the military confrontation with Georgia that begin a few days ago. I applaud Russia. I applaud Russia only slightly because of the legitimacy of their claims, but more because of the illegitimacy of Georgia.

  1. The illegitimacy of the alliance of Georgia with the "West", especially the USA.

  2. The illegitimacy of Georgia's independence from Russia.

  3. The illegitimacy in the form of stupidity in which you invaded South Ossetia with an inferior military, nay, an inferior State, when compared to Russia.

Dealing with the above list, let me expand a little. In the Wall Street Journal you've tried to claim Georgia as a last line of freedom, in your words; "Let us be frank: This conflict is about the future of freedom in Europe". To me your nation is not synonymous with freedom, and my country ( the USA ) is not doing what I would prefer. I want my country to return to the pre World Wars strategy of allowing Europeans to fight each other, and the USA get stronger in the process.

How really different is Georgia from Russia? Is the independence of the Republic more to do with allowing a band of people higher offices and wealth than they would have if a mere region of Russia? Worse still, is Georgia with status of nation in an attempt to wrest economic dominion from Russia and give it to France, Germany, Britain and the USA? To me if this is just a game of nations and corporations, "legitimacy" is a merely a propaganda point for marketers of agenda's, and it is refreshing to see real might in the form of airplanes and tanks trample the flimsy world of hype.

As far as your stupidity in activating your military, go among your streets and look at the dead. They lay there because they are citizens of a weaker power that miscalculated, and equally so because my country and its alliance system are not there to aid. I am not sorry for my country's lack of aid, and wonder if you are sorry for the acting aggressively while being an inferior.

Letter to my representatives: Fight for the USA, sell things to the world. Your intervention only in spots on the map where a corporation has a pipeline, on the grounds of an abstraction such as "freedom", is pathetic. Let the corporations hire their own mercenaries and guards. Don't obscure our language sending our soldiers to guard a mafioso crony's investment in the name of freedom. And outside the border of the USA where the people are killing each other, or war is happening, take some pictures, have NGO's send missionaries or hippies to tell them to be nice, take some videos of the dead for our news outlets (to make some cha-ching) , and thats it.

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