Friday, July 11, 2008

Young black aggression on whites ends in death of white. Again.

Young black aggression on whites ends in death of white. Again.

This is a pattern, just as heinous as the white on black acts of violence that was a norm before the 1960's. The pattern does harm to black households, because white households with the money become more likely to move to more exclusive neighborhoods. I'm not at all for this, and think mixed-income mixed-ethnicity neighborhoods are the coolest....if they are equally safe for all classes. If whites receive more acts of aggression in these neighborhoods, they certainly SHOULD get out.

"described as an African-American man in his 20s, about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing about 160 pounds, and wearing a gray tank top, black jeans and a blue do-rag"


The Serpent Lord said...

Are you focusing on the right enemy? We don't know if Mr. do-rag is a co-insurgent with the three girls that started the incident or just some patsy, a gullible street-soldier co-opted by the girls campaign to control the streets and deny other people the right to live well in Seattle.

Ryan Hawkes said...

It's just plain sad. I'm sure that guy let his temper go and had no intention of killing anyone. And now he'll be spending time in jail where his anger will increase.
sad sad sad sad. i could say things about gentrification i could say things about community. but in the end there really is no explanation . tempters and poor judgment.
though i doubt whites will be moving out of these neighborhoods in Seattle unless more directed violence is wrought on them.

BFGalbraith said...

Until very recently, Beacon Hill was terrorized by the "Beacon Hill Groper", and over 30 Asian women were assaulted. (Usually punched and knocked down, and then groped.) His description was Black Male, 5 foot 9, and a yellow hoodie - after 30+ attacks, 30+ witnesses, 30+ victims.

Word on the street is that a security professional working at Red Apple saw someone randomly stock and punch & knock down an Asian woman waiting at the bus stop. This (Filipino?) Security Guard proceeded to beat the holy hell out of this guy and slap hand cuffs on him, and wait for the police.

This captive attacker was not black, and did not have a hoodie, (but did have a yellow back pack,) the officer mentioned to the Guard that it looked like this was the groper. Since this supposedly happened, there have been no more attacks.

Don't get me wrong, I constantly hear anti-Asian racial slurs coming out of the mouths of Black people in the Rainier Valley, in the Central District and on Beacon Hill. It would have finally opened up a conversation about anti-Asian sentiment in South Seattle amongst blacks if the Beacon Hill Groper had been black. But he wasn't.

Why did all of the victims think it was a black guy? (Cop's explanation: they didn't get a good look at him, they just saw his black hair as he was running away. Though the cop justified the obvious prejudice, he was the first to be aware of it and use it to identify the suspect.)

Ryan Hawkes said...

that's true stuff benjamin. when i worked as a 911 operator people would describe suspects as black even though they couldn't see them. i'd ask, "can you see them?" and I'd get answers like "no, but he's black". cause of clothes, car, neighborhood, etc.

LanceMiller said...

I think cases of mistaken identity do make a point, but about another problem besides the one I am referring to.

I am only referring to cases in which it is confirmed that a black attacked a non-black. There are plenty of such cases. And this is not a media-perception-propaganda-hegemony, within my immediate family there is the break in, being held at gunpoint my parents suffered at the hands of two black men, and my sister was feet away from, and saw, a black teen shoot a 40 year old man in the head while the man was with his family at a Wal-Mart.

I have a link here. It is sad that I can add to the list another recent story from White Center, a white man comes home to find black teens in his home looting. They scatter, but one 16 black male turns around,comes back to the man, and shoots him to death. This case was in the news and is now closed with black teen sentenced and will get out when he is 46.

If there was a firm pattern like this of whites targeting non-whites, and killing them (emphasis: with an approximate frequency to these black on non-black crimes) I think Al Sharpton would be marching and CNN would be reporting on it. I would hope so, I would hope there was outrage and
authorities working with a focus to end the pattern.

But no, there isn't one. There are only two racially charged patterns perpetrated by whites that I know of: the few incidents of nooses being displayed in Louisiana and NYC. This is certainly a bad thing, but no one should log a symbolic act as the same
degree of seriousness as killing.

I believe the left have gotten so screwed up that they believe economic stratifications are a crime, and that there is a balanced tit-for-tat war between blacks resorting to crime and killing and the whites committing something sort of equally heinous via economics.

I do not believe these stratifications are wrong. I believe blacks (or any poor) seeking upward mobility is the solution. As I said in another comment: solidarity is the ultimate evil. The poor who abandon the poor, seek advancement via professional or (legal) business acumen are the only good poor.

The equality we offer in this country is an economic
inclusiveness one, but only for the attempt. The outcome is not guaranteed, and government nor NGO's should be working to guarantee an outcome of health and happiness.

Me radical beyond typical "right wing": I believe we should allow pockets of failure in America. Areas where poor health, infant mortality, cancer, little or no stores, no health care, etc, are the norm. America then offers a solution: move out of these hellholes. How? By working in the fish canning industry and save up to get an apartment in a better place, join the military and really make it work for you.......etc etc.

The above offers a realistic network topology in which we abandon the sick places, but allow a conduit of safe exit for all via the work-ones-way-out methodology. This is where my anti-racism progressive side comes out. We should have exit available to all, but the exit takes an amazing amount of work and is very contingent -one cannot live just any old lifestyle or harbor any old epistemology and get out of CancerCrimeville.

As for Ryan's comment about gentrification. I call this a trend towards mixed-income, and they poorer residents should be praying to their God that it happens. If an area is totally poor, that is a stronger indication it worth less, and everyone in it is worth less as a human till they show otherwise by the act of leaving.

The Serpent Lord said...

Anecdotes are not a pattern.

Many people in Iraq probably think American boys are on a crusade to wipe them out and take their oil. All they see is the individual incidents of violence, and they insert those incidents into a narrative framework, and they think they have found a pattern. But it's not a pattern, it's a just-so-story about why things are the way they are.

I don't expect someone who is in the middle of the horror and destruction in Iraq to understand the politics of Empire, or the subtle moral distinction between soldiers and the leaders whose political goals they serve. But we aren't there yet, and we should be able to look for meaningful patterns which can be transformed into material benefit rather than grasping at myths.

So as I see it "black revenge" is an anti-pattern: Poor powerless people are tempted by crime and violence. The revenge justification incites violence which is random and meaningless on a small scale and perpetuates the anti-pattern on a large scale. Those who commit the violence are ordinary villains. Those who promote the politics of revenge without getting their hands dirty are supervillains.

Gentrification is a useful pattern, because it is tied to some of the class tension and it can be a positive influence. Correctly executed, gentrification gives us urbanized, cosmopolitan and "good" elites as well as an empowered and connected hoi polloi. It does make housing a little more expensive for the poor and cheaper for the comfortable, but the benefits should be enough to compensate.

If you are looking for a meaningful pattern that explains these violent incidents, start from the obvious observation that the black revenge anti-pattern not cool with the gentrification pattern, but then dig deeper, find out how the disease spreads and how it can be treated.

I don't think the "move to iceland" solution will work. If we can't win Seattle we are going to lose all of the cities in the US. Sprawling anti-patterns will dominate and in the best case scenario everyone will be poorer, paying through the nose to keep the lights on and the water running and isolated in their own segregated suburbs.

BFGalbraith said...

Where I agree with Lance is that the liberals are justifying and explaining away overt racisim within the African American community. This is a level of hostility towards other cultures that if displayed by anyone other than a black person would be considered shockingly obscene, and it is something I am personally subjected to on a weekly if not daily basis. Obama is the first voice I have heard speaking out against this kind of behavior, and this is indeed an indicator that he is a new kind of left pragmatic leader of some kind.

LanceMiller said...

Here are black leaders, writers, activists, or intellectuals and my grading them on a healthy or harmful impact on blacks and non-blacks:

Bad: Al Sharpton. In his dialogue blacks are
always the victim of racism, and never a critical word about blacks or a care about non-blacks. His reasoning is the cognitive engine behind the hostility/racism Benjamin mentioned in the previous comment.

Good: Bill Cosby

Best: Bob Herbert. Read:Blowing the whistle on gangsta culture.. Mr Herbert's column in the NYT is balanced, spotlighting real moments of racism committed against blacks, but he is also author of many articles deploring black acts of racism, neglect of community and hostility.

Best: Barak Obama. His speeches praise the very thing I write about in my blog: getting to work bettering yourself, and he directs that message to blacks explicitly. In the same message he mentions a history of oppression, so he is not asking blacks to be dupes or ignorant of the wrongs in the world. His constant mention of "lawful" or "law and order" is an semiotic alert to leftist academics and countercultural revolutionaries that in Obama's town, the police will be the good guys and the criminals will be the bad guys. I love that.

The Serpent Lord said...

"Cosbyness is next to godliness." - Grandad

(So by extension herbert/obama-ness is right on top of godliness)

I'm also reminded of the TV series Life, season 1 episode 8 ("Farthingale") where Crews explains to the anti-government bomber the connection between "we" and "them".