Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Giant AI Series: Why I embraced Cloud Computing

I'm soon to deprecate lancemiller.org. I'm embracing cloud computing totally. Having my own domain, and writing anomalous and unique PHP for it was probably the hip thing to do in the years between 1995 and 2005. Now the street cred associated with running one's own website is often a negative type, due to the millions of spam web URL's out there with useless or malicious intent.

With Gmail, Blogspot, Picasa, and Youtube there is more I can accomplish than with even the best solitary server side hacking style. Even if I managed to write my own equivalence to Google's Ajax powered apps, I would not be plugged inside their platform.

Plugged inside their platform is not just a strange lust to belong to a corporate infrastructure. It has to do with survival through unanticipated calamities. In such scenarios, the resilience of an informational mega-enterprise may fair better than other social constructs. The value of the Google aggregation of data would likely marshal the social resources of know-how and economics for saving it. Also, the economy of scale would work in Google''s favor. All those bits are cheaper to store in mass. Beyond the survival of calamities or turmoil, having my data reside within this system allows my data to be part of a giant informational restructuring process. This recursive process is sure to create new intellectual phenomenon beyond the capacities of one human or group of humans.

I'd like to have helped that along with my little bits of information.

Supporting and supplemental documents:
The Future is Cloudy by Robert X. Cringely.
A Cloudbook for the Cloud by Kevin Kelly.

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