Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Unnatural Sports League: Doping Allowed

  1. Artificially enhanced sports performance should be legal.
  2. An athlete on steroids is an entirely legitimate athlete.
  3. Natural athlete is a meaningless term, since humans are inherently a species intertwined and reliant on technology.
  4. If the terms natural and artificial are in contest, artificial has long ago become the victor.

Given the above as true. I propose the following as a means to carve out a space in the world of sports for augmented athletes.

The Unnatural Sports League needs to be created. Any of the Olympic sports along with the Tour de France would be replicated, with the sole difference being no investigation of doping.

Business models would be adopted that aggressively bought time on ESPN and other sports video forums. The goal would be to ignore news columnist op-eds, news and sports channel commentary, and any ethical statements of the status quo. Rather than wait for the blessing of the status quo, this radical shift in ethics simply creates its own forum of players and viewers with no concern for opposing views.

The expected outcome will be an alternate universe, in a manner of speaking. The Unnatural Sports League would exist as a thriving business enterprise, with loyal and enthusiastic fans, and its own mega-star athletes; making its millions or billions without a care for the opposing view. Eventually the views of the past will fatigue, or become less relevant, and this new ethical paradigm will only grow stronger and richer and more widely accepted. The Unnatural Sports League will become the basis of hero worship for the sports enthusiast who is choosing augmentation and technological enhancement in their lives, their mates and their children in order to out perform, out compete and live longer than their natural counterparts.

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