Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where The Misery Is VS Where it isn't

I am writing this as an ebola outbreak in multiple African countries has taken over lives (statistical record). At the same there is a new nation called Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL for short. It was created by a group of soldiers and commanders practicing genocide and forced rape-marriages on a massive regional scale.

Contemporary with the rise of the Islamic State, Noam Chomsky has written a piece titled Are We Approaching the End of Human History? (link ). The article is a wad of contempt for the US as the cause of all politically miseries, and the human species as a blight on the planet.

I've fine with pointing out miseries, blight, and massive die off of humans. Not all humans by a long shot, but very definitely some.

Who is falling into a future that will be pure misery?

The small village in a non-industrialized society. I am saying this: they will not all die, rather I believe their birthrate will provide new people to experience their grist mill of misery. I believe the language of apocalyptic four horsemen is meant only for this class of society, and not at all for others, especially the US. Follow my anecdotal evidence while returning to the subjects of ebola and Islamic State.

At the time of this writing there is one case of ebola in the USA -Dallas patient from Liberia, Thomas Eric Duncan. According to news reports since he was admitted to a hospital, there has been cooperation by the public and professional execution of duties by local law enforcement, health workers, national health officials to name the main stakeholders. Dallas -a place I am sure has many who are uneducated, lawless, superstitious and void of any respect for science - has not had any clashes with the efforts to contain the virus. As of this writing the only likely death will be Thomas Eric Duncan.

Compare this to the over 3000 deaths in Africa this year, with estimates of the numbers climbing to over a million by next year. A CDC official explained in an interview the difference between the Africa outbreak and the US outbreak is resources, educated population and well equipped hospitals. Rural Africa and the US are not the same on these parameters. They are not just different, they are over a million deaths different.

The archetype of villagers fearful of outsiders

This archetype played out as an atrocity with foreign health workers chased into the forest and killed with machetes. At least the villager's resistance to medical help ensures local mass death. (link).

Islamic State versus Westboro Baptist Church versus The Sovereign Movement

Islamic State is an example of a conservative religion expressing itself politically in the Middle East. In America we have conservative hidebound religions expressing themselves politically. One that is notorious is the Westboro Baptist Church. Go do some internet research and see how many beheadings or rape-marriages they've performed. The most violent conservative religious movement I know of in the US is the Sovereign Movement (link), and the only territory they control are a few parcels of private property.

Returning to the range of sentiment Chomsky expressed. It is the end of history...for the unindustrialized...for the rural third world village.

As for who Chomsky meant to place blame or contempt on....their's is exactly the world not ending. As a matter of fact their "world" is likely to start multiplying past this one planet. Colonizing Mars is no longer the topic of authors, rather, it is the topic of industrialists. And whatever is the topic of industrialists is what will be done, what will be built.

In my book Anthrotechne I stated we need to make the future a place our ancestors could not survive in. It seems reality is in agreement.

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