Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be like the USA in 1790 -A Horrific and Stupid Contemplation

I went to college with a bunch of ape-like scum who believed in an anarcho-primitivist utopia. The experience led me to hate this wing of extreme leftism. But in the last year a large segment of the right wing in the USA have been making ignorant claims for their own utopia.

The archetypes and tropes popular amongst right-wingers hail from the earliest years of the republic, with the brand name "Tea Party" as example number one.

Here is what I have to say about the lifestyles and modalities of the USA 1776 - 1860 : Useless, dumb and (thankfully) irrelevant to any way anyone is going to live today.

A major public policy mantra of these Retro-publicans is "small government, and no regulations". Like America once was. Back when disputes, crimes and other social issues were handled at the local level by the immediate community. The nation was largely Jeffersonian: yeoman farmers in the north and corporate farms in the south. People reprimanded an evil doer, and the church in middle of town normalized everyone's ethics.

Here's a situation in 2015 that shows Retro-publicanism for what it uselessly is:

I buy an old gas station "AS IS" from a bank that has had little contact with the original owners. The building is full of old car batteries and drums of petroleum mixed with rust. The Retro-Publicans have gotten their way -their are few to no regulations I have to comply with. The Tea Party President has spoken several times on being guided by faith and doing what Jesus would do when one is presented with situations like mine with old gas station.

But unlike America in 1820, I am not tethered to the values of the church or the sentiments of the congregation down the road. I can either silently dump stuff in the nearby river, or spend money having it safely shipped away.

I say dump it. Where there is no law, the people (can) perish.

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