Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mutating Humans Mutating Earth

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Email response to graphic:

Today our Sustainable Urban Development Policies professor basically presented us with a symposium of her doctoral thesis, then apologized for geeking out and promised a real class discussion on Thursday. The subject of her research is basically

She pointed out how the website of this artsy fartsy enviromental activist organization (which started out as a tongue-in-cheek mystical conceptual art project by poet Lewis MacAdams) shows a love for artificial, man-made environments.

She said that "engineers are not the enemy" and "there is no going back to nature." She used the terms "geotechnical engineering" and "bioremediation" to describe the methods for "reconstructing" of nature (not restoring old nature but creating a new nature informed by both the present and past state of the world.)

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Sister Faith said...

As usual, you have packed a lot of thought provoking ideas into your works.

I've always believed that the evolution of man & earth are inextricably tied together. Whatever we do (good or ill) has repercussions for the planet.

I wonder if this knowledge can be used to manipulate our own evolution for the protection of the planet from ourselves???

*sheesh* I'll need another cup of coffee for this one! :D