Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Revolutionary Viral Darknet Software Driven Resilient Community

John Robb, the guy who introduced 4GW to me, is getting all worked up over a new substrata of his Resilient Communities, 4GW, DIY Security/Governance/Economy/Energy-Production. The new muse of his is a virus-like software darknet global badass thingy.

    ( I just ordered the book Freedom. Already read Daemon. Most important fiction I've read outside Stephenson.)

    "What makes this very interesting to me is not the scientific support it provides to open source warfare, but rather that it provides me with additional clarity on how open source warfare could be instantiated in Darknet software."

  5. Finally: He is actually trying to realize this software:

Half-thoughts I have to add:

Daemon offers a new means of revolution. Basically, a virus takes up the classical class warfare ( especially crushing rich oligarchs ). This is quite different compared to Marxist ideas of workers owning the means of production. Also, in John Robb's vision of post-centralized governance and economy, it is the Makers (aka "Creative Class") (urban farmers, fabricators, hackers, home micro-energy production, and any industrial artisans) combined with the community providing more of their own services (security, local legal regimen for drug use and taxation, etc). Would their be a clash between this Creative Class and a Badass Distributed Deamon?

I don't think so, but hope to see some words and vision statements from someone -maybe in new book Freedom, or John Robb, or someone on this thread.

Digression to Marxism and Zizek

I'm reading First As Tragedy, Then As Farce by Slavoj Zizek. He is openly and proudly a capital L Leftist and capital C Communist. I am reading him because I kept picking up his book at the bookstore, reading a passage, and seeing so much wit and intelligence. Now I'm ten or so pages into the book, still think he'd be fun to hang out with in a beer hall if at least for a vigorous argument, but sensing a giant dustbin of history for the capital C Commies. I can sum up my contempt with this: Seize the means of production and I will point out this is only 20 % of the solution. The rest is more important: Seize the means of innovation. Oh wait, more irony is embedded in this deconstruction! It is not seize, but rather Free up the means of innovation. Without innovation, production becomes that process of making things...poorly. Like the dogshit Soviet Russian factories were famous for.

Back to Zizek, I'm getting a hint he is going to deliver a solution to social justice, but leave off with what humans need more than a symbolic social catharsis in which undeserving elites are beheaded -technological innovation. I do not mean in the form of better high definition televisions or a faster SUV. I mean technological innovation manifest in food production, energy production and use, shelter, and health care. For starters. I'm referring to anything urgent and necessary.

I'm all for a revolution, but believe social justice addicts miss the forest because of the trees. Social justice, if it happens, will be as a side effect while humans innovate in realms more technical and mechanical.

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