Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Having Fun Through Post-Apocalyptic Collapse

Resilience is the ability to have fun in interesting times without getting killed.

Use it or lose it:

Exploiting a property is more important than a theoretical right to it. Resilient communities are full of people who can do things: plant flowers, teach karate, bake cookies, fix cars, shoot guns.

Don't be a tool:

Exploitation grows out of control during unstable times. Criminal exploitation becomes violent atrocity, Even profit or interest collected in a way that seems initially fair can become criminal exploitation. A resilient economy does not simply trade people's lives for money.

A hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich:

A resilient community is linked by people with common interests. It has it's cliques and elites like any other human community. However we intentionally associate with people who are different from us. Different physically. Different socially. Most importantly: we asscociate with people who disagree with us. Utopian communities established by ideologically pure vanguards are not resilient.

-excerpt from email thread written by Seth Galbraith

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