Monday, April 13, 2009

Black leader gives order to kill black men who are desperate for work

President Obama gave orders to use force ( orders to kill ) if Somalian pirates posed imminent danger to a U.S. hostage [ see story].

We can capsulize this narrative with "Black leader gives order to kill black men, who are desperately making a living, and who are holding a white man hostage ".

All I can say is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The militant and caustic radical narrative that promotes a black solidarity imbued with hostility and violence against Anglo-American whites, justified by black instances of poverty or desperate employment choices -that narrative just got dissed by America's first black President.

With each bullet the President sent into those pirates, legitimate civil rights and social justice was cleansed a little more from the parasites of radical militancy.

  • Black President: 3
  • Black Thugs: 0

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