Tuesday, November 4, 2008

17,537 viewers for 35 cents

I have an ad using Googles Adwords advertising service. It has been in operation a little less than 24 hours. The ad has already been shown 17,537 times, for a total cost of $0.35 to me. ( I am one the world's cheapest advertisers, with a limit of $5 per month, so I can only afford a few cents per day for my worldwide ad campaign. )

15,635 of these ad viewings were in the Google "content network", which can be anything from the New York Times to a blogspot blog. The remaining views were seen by users of Google search, using certain keywords.

Economically, Adwords has not made me any money yet. Maybe the excitement I feel is in the ease of use by me the advertiser, and the reach of the advertising. I am excited that memes can be spread this far, this cheaply.

Technical glossary: By 17, 537 "views" I mean my ad was seen on a webpage, I do not mean the users clicked on my ad. My ad was only clicked on 5 times, and that is the only time I am charged money for the ads. My average cost per click was $0.07.

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